What’s Your Art?

What’s Your Art? Make an Impact!

The past few years have been tough for many people worldwide including the Bassnectar community.  We feel that part of a healing antidote for distrust, division, and hopelessness is ART, MUSIC and SERVICE. We believe our lives are Art and the world is the canvas for our imagination.

The Interactive Giving Fund (IGF) showcases and supports artists, activists and everyday people in the Bassnetwork turning passions into service. For example, it supports projects like Esphera’s  EFAM: Essential Food and Medicine, a mutual- aid project that distributes food surplus and natural medicines to unhoused, formerly incarcerated, and indigenous communities regenerating people and land. Check out how  AshEL and Xochitl are in service to their community in West Oakland.  

We want to inspire even more folks to explore activism as an art form.

Experience the true meaning of reciprocity & make a real contribution in your community by sharing your unique magic and give back! 

To get involved with any of the IGF projects click here. (this takes you to the Main IGF page on TOS) 
To start an EFAM Chapter where you live click here.